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The James LJ Center is known for passion and service. The CEO has worked with Adult Day Centers and patients with special needs for over 15 years. Working for companies was just not enough. Discovering a new road, which then became her passion. She realized that this was where she didn't want to be but in fact, where she had to be. Kimberly began doing her research with different family members, in different diverse communities to grasp the understanding and challenges they face with taking care of their loved ones who face different challenges and difficult lifestyles.

Kimberly not only did the research to gain this knowledge, but she has also dealt with this by taking care of her children who struggle with special needs. Kimberly named this center after her late brother because of his passing and also because of some mental illnesses he endured while he was in prison. "To know that my brother was in an unfamiliar place, and it caused him to be depressed and lonely that is something I will never be able to fix for him". But I can help others in our community to make sure they don't feel that way.

We are here, to honor and respect the quality of life, and now the center you see before you will be just that. This is only the beginning of life. With your help, drive, and dedication to our efforts we will provide great, and fun service. Kimberly has the same quote that she lives for and is inspired by Deshauna Barber an African American Miss USA winner, "if not me then who."

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