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Here at The JLJ Center we accept,

Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and American Express, we also accept personal checks. If you write a check and for some reason it doesn't process we will charge you a return fee of $65.00. Also, we will need the services paid for in cash and we will no longer be able to accommodate checks as payments.


We accept health insurance please email or call to find out which one we accept.


Transportation will be provided from The James LJ Center. If you are paying out of pocket it will cost $85 round trip each day. Payments are due every two weeks. Keep in mind insurance companies do pay for transportation. Contact your healthcare provider to see about these services.

Intensive Care- $81.05/day which could be covered by your Insurance

1/2 a day $41.51 

Enhancement Care- $69.79




Frequently Asked Questions

Is Transportation Provided?
Yes our drivers will provide door to door service for all of our clients. Your Insurance will pay for this as well but if not the fee will be the cost you see above. 

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