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Qualifications: While there are no specific educational requirements to become a PCA, the grand majority of PCAs do have a high school diploma when they begin training. Unlike many other job fields, PCAs complete much of their training on-site under the supervision of registered nurses or other experienced caregivers. They need to be certified in CPR, FIRST AID and AED. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred but not required. 


Job Duties Include:


  • Patient care aides work with patients under the direct supervision of health care          professionals, such as doctors or nurses.

  • They help patients with tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Provide basic patient care under the direction of a nursing staff.

  • Assist with activities as needed

  • Greet clients in a warm, professional manner

  • Understand the limitations and needs of each individual client

  • Provide companionship and engage in conversation with the clients

  • Assist with all daily activities, based on the client’s limitations and needs

  • Provide a caring and positive presence for the client

  • Document/log client's’ progress and overall well being for daily reports

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Activity Assistant

Qualifications:    The qualifications needed to start a career as an activity assistant include a high school diploma or GED certificate. You will need CPR and First Aide. Ability to pass a background check and drug screening. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred but not required. 


Job Duties:

  • Recreational activities, event planning, or related 

  • Physical fitness, ability to walk, dance, stand, lift, or meet other physical demands. 

  • Adaptability and strong organization and time management skills 

  • Excellent resource management, computer, record keeping, interpersonal, decision making, and verbal and written communication skills. 

  • Patience and compassion when dealing with others, especially those who are sick, injured, elderly, or from different backgrounds. 

  • Flexibility to work when needed, especially evenings, weekends, or early mornings. 

  • Willingness to adhere to and enforce all safety policies and procedures.  

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Bus Driver

Qualifications: CDLs are not a requirement for this position. Being able to pass a drug test, and no more than 2 points on your license. Looking for someone to connect with the clients personally and with caregivers. Drivers are the heart of our company, so we need someone with a smile, great attitude and ready to drive. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred but not required. We require our bus drivers to complete door to door service. Drivers must take the drive training course offered on COAAA.

Job Duties:

  • Picking/Dropping clients up from/to their homes.

  • Also, on schedule field trip days you're required to take them. You will be paid for the field trips and also paid lunch.

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Qualifications: Provides ongoing assessment and nursing care to clients in the facilities. Ensures an accurate evaluation of patient needs, develops and implements a comprehensive care plan that addresses current needs. Current unencumbered license for the state of Ohio to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) required. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred but not required. 

Job Duties Include:

  • Follows current nursing professional standards of practice and agency approved protocols for The Adult Day Center. 

  • Communicates with other health care providers about changes in condition and client’s needs. 

  • Assesses client and caregiver needs and provides education when necessary. 

  • Commitment to high quality customer service for internal and external customers. 

  • Oversees the implementation of the patient’s plan of care. Evaluates the effectiveness of the plan on an ongoing basis. 

  • Prepares for IDG by reviewing Care Plan, reconciling medications and projecting patient/family needs, if applicable. 

  • Audits and maintains current and accurate patient records through use of laptop computers and paper/chart documentation in accordance with policies, federal, state, and local guidelines. 

  • Participates in quality improvement projects as needed. 

  • Maintains knowledge of requirements of regulatory agencies, accrediting bodies, and third-party payers. 

  • One year experience in acute care required. 

  • One year experience in medical-surgical nursing preferred. 

  • Experience in a Medicare-certified home health agency preferred. 

  • Proficiency with Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and the internet required. 

  • Proficiency with electronic medical records (EMR) preferred. 

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Floor Supervisor

QualificationsLooking for an individual who be able to lead the activity floor. You will be the Supervisor to the activity assistants and the PCA's. Your job is to make sure that the activity assistants are completing their monthly active Calendars before their deadline, make sure they are executing the activities for the clients throughout the day. You are also, responsible for making sure the PCA staff are documenting the toileting schedules, making sure the PCAs come up with an accurate bathing schedule. Also, make sure that AA and PCAs are giving breakfast, lunch, and snack.  Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred but not required. 


Job Duties Include:

  • Organizing all parties

  • Make sure monthly Calendars are available the month prior for the next month

  • Organize field trips

  • Organize the Prom

  • Find Entertainment

  • Make sure all paperwork are up to date and filed correctly

  • Make sure you do monthly checks on cleanliness 

  • Help Serve breakfast, lunch, and snack

  • Assist the nursing staff and social worker with whatever they need

  • Have monthly meetings with clients and AA's to go over the activities for the month coming

  • Pass out Monthly Calendars to the clients to take home

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Qualifications: We are looking for someone who will come in early and with a wonderful attitude and smile. Here at the James LJ Center every position is equally important. However, the receptionist will be the first face clients, caregivers, deliver drivers etc. will see and the last. If you are passionate about what you do and want to come share your joy with our clients, please apply within. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred but not required. 

Job Duties Include:

  • Opening/Closing the Center

  • Keep Paperwork updated

  • Order Clients Lunches

  • Make Sure All attendance sheets are turned in and signed by each program

  • Keep the front area clear and clean according to the CDC Guidelines

  • Make sure each Program area always have Sanitizer, gloves and mask

  • Make sure you take temperatures for everyone coming through the door clients included

  • Be Fluent in Microsoft Office

  • Answer Phones

  • Order Staff Lunches

  • Accept Payments from Care givers

  • Be able to contact Caregivers when payments are due

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Social Worker

Qualifications: We are looking for individual to help our clients cope with social, economic, emotional, and behavioral problems in their daily lives. Our clients will also need counseling sessions, however and whenever according to their needs. We will need you to help in crisis situations, build relationships with the clients and their family and friends and professionals. We will need you to work with family and filling reports and keeping up with paperwork. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred but not required. 

Job Duties Include:

  • Advocate for and develop plans to improve clients’ well-being 

  • Work with individuals, families, or groups 

  • Respond to clients in crisis situations 

  • Observe client behavior, assess needs, and create treatment strategies 

  • Develop and put treatment plans in place 

  • Consult with doctors, therapists, and medical professionals 

  • Administer Social Services Programs 

  • Instruct clients families during treatment  

  • Administer social service programs 

  • Instruct clients’ families during treatment 

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HR Manager

Qualifications: You should have a good standard of general education, good computer skills and previous experience of office work. Prefer you to have, qualifications in human resource management. Identify and resolve employee concerns, handle labor disputes to managing employee benefits packages. Lastly have the ability to manage conflict and be an advocate for both your employer and its employees.  Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred. 

Job Duties:

  • Managing company staff, including coordinating and supporting the recruitment process 

  • On-boarding newcomers to the company 

  • Determining suitable salaries and remuneration 

  • Providing the necessary support systems for payroll requirements 

  • Developing adequate induction and training 

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Qualifications: You need at least a high school diploma or GED to become a dispatcher, and much of your experience will be gained on the job. You might need to pass a written exam or a typing test before getting the job. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred. 

Job Duties:

  • Proactively address problems and suggest solutions

  • ·Receive and dispatch orders

  • Assess situation and prioritize calls

  • Oversee the route of field units and track delivery status of products

  • Coordinate schedule in the most effective manner

  • Inform field units about orders and traffic

  • Track and update call logs and data in software programs

  • Provide reports to upper management

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Qualifications:  Must possess a current license as an RN in the state where the center is located, 6 months, 1-year previous clinical experience, Long Term Care experience preferred. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred.


Job Duties:

  • Conducts initial nursing assessments of new clients

  • Collaborates with other treatment team members for the development and implementation of service plans

  • Conducts monthly face to face nursing assessments

  • Makes contact with each client’s family least every 30 days to see if there have been any med changes or other significant changes

  • Conducts nursing assessments as needed for any client receiving Adult Day Care services

  • Provides administration of medication or medication assistance if indicated in service plan

  • Coordinates and/or provides other medical services if indicated in service plan

  • In conjunction with the Social Worker, coordinates medical and behavioral health services with other health care providers

  • Thoroughly documents progress notes and other required documentation in the medical record

  • Conducts quality improvement activities which may include, but are not limited to, review of charts of clients receiving Adult Day Care services

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Operations Manager

Qualifications:  Include Bachelor's Degree two years of experience working with individuals with Developmental Disabilities, elderly, and brain Injury clients. Reliable transportation, valid driver's license, and vehicle insurance. 1 year Supervisor experience necessary. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Experienced preferred but not required. 


Job Duties:

  • Oversee the daily operations of the adult day center

  • Assist with ADLs as indicated in the individuals plan

  • Will assist in planning, conducting, and supervising therapeutic and social activities

  • Participate in program activities

  • Participate in developing and revising client plans of care

  • Assist in completing housekeeping duties

  • Complete yearly continuing education requirements

  • Keep records up-to-date and organized

  • In collaboration with and under the direction of the Center Administrator, the Operations Manager is responsible for aspects of the day-to-day operation

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